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Important Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips

With Fall well underway, it’s time for you to clean, inspect, and if necessary, repair your gutters. If your property is surrounded by trees, you will really need to do this annual task in [...]

Why Should You Install a Gutter Topper?

Having a garden in your property does not only make your home beautiful and lively. It also helps clean the air you breathe. However, the leaves falling from the trees can damage your roof and [...]


5 Ways to Avoid Being Scammed by Storm Chasers

During a storm, strong winds and torrential rain can damage your home. If you find yourself in this unfortunate position, be prepared to deal with storm chasers. These are so-called contractors [...]

Gutter Helmet®: Making Sure Your Gutters Remain Functional

The gutter is an essential part of your home’s rain protection system. It redirects water away from your home, protecting the foundation, walls, landscaping, and siding. When a gutter gets [...]


Can Gutter Helmet handle heavy snows? What about hail?

Gutter Helmet® is the best gutter guard in this situation because it has been engineered to handle the heaviest snowfalls. Thousands of installations in Wisconsin are proof of the load-bearing [...]


How much rain can Gutter Helmet handle?

Gutter Helmet® can support over 22 inches of rain per hour. That’s double the amount of rainfall that has ever been recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau.


What colors is Gutter Helmet available in?

Gutter Helmet® is essentially invisible because it is designed to blend into your roofline. You can choose from several colors to match your roof shingles. Colors include: Charcoal Brown Bronze [...]

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