Gutter Helmet®: Making Sure Your Gutters Remain Functional

The gutter is an essential part of your home’s rain protection system. It redirects water away from your home, protecting the foundation, walls, landscaping, and siding. When a gutter gets clogged, these areas become prone to irreparable damage. Wrightway Home Improvement outlines the dangers a severe rainstorm might pose if your gutters are clogged, and provides a way to prevent this from happening.

The Dangers of Clogged Gutters during a Storm

During a rainstorm, hundreds of gallons of water per hour hit your roof. A clogged gutter cannot channel this large amount of water away from the foundation. The soil surrounding the foundation will then be completely saturated, putting enormous amounts of pressure on the sides of the home. Over time, this pressure can cause cracks to form in the basement. Once this happens, water can invade the basement and cause mold growth.

Another danger is soil erosion. As clogged gutters cannot handle the rainstorm, the water can destroy delicate flowers and plants, as it erodes the soil around the home’s perimeter. After the storm, standing water may form in the yard and gutters, becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes. To protect your beautiful landscaping, make sure that your gutters are clean, which you can ensure with gutter guard installation in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Our Innovative Solution

Wrightway Home Improvement can install the Gutter Helmet® gutter protection system. This product completely covers your gutters, but still allows water to get through. It prevents your gutters from getting clogged by utilizing the principle of surface tension.

When it rains, leaves and debris will fall over the nose forward design, while the water will be redirected straight into your gutters. Gutter Helmet can handle any rainstorm that comes your way, and is designed to perform well even under 22 inches of rain per hour. That’s twice the highest recorded rainfall amount in the US.

Gutter Helmet is also designed to strengthen your gutters, helping them survive storms. It can be installed over reinforced heavy gauge brackets, and has a horizontal-rib design for added strength. Gutter Helmet is immune to moisture damage, rust and long-term exposure to the sun. It is a long-lasting solution to clogged gutters.

Installing Gutter Helmet will reduce your gutter’s maintenance requirements, saving you time, money, and energy cleaning them. It will also significantly reduce the risk of rainstorms damaging your foundation and landscaping because it prevents clogged gutters. At Wrightway Home Improvement, our customer service is second to none; your Gutter Helmet installation will get done right, and get done on time.

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